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Product Information

With their superior roundness and straightness, our high precision pipes are also used in the functional components of OA equipment. Additionally, our cold rolled pipes feature vastly improved dimensional accuracy and inner and outer skin surfaces. They've earned a good reputation as alternatives to conventional pipes, which require finishing of interior surfaces.

Drawn pipe (hollow shell) Drawn pipe (sleeve) Special pipe
Drawn pipe (hollow shell) Drawn pipe (sleeve) Special pipe


Special features

Drawn pipe

We use dies for drawing processing. We control the processing compatibility between pipe manufacturing dimensions and drawing dimensions and thermal treatment conditions and perform appropriate roll corrections to improve the accuracy of product roundness and straightness (outer circumference deflection).

Special pipe

Using a processing device based on a special diameter shrinking method called cold rolling, we've made exceptional improvements in dimensional accuracy and inner and outer skin surfaces (surface roughness). The resulting characteristics make it easier to work with materials that are difficult to use with conventional elongated pipes (including titanium, Hastelloy, Inconnel, and silver). We can also manufacture thin-walled pipes.


• Pipes for OA equipment (magnetic rolls for photocopiers)
• Pipes for OA equipment (heat rollers for photocopiers)
• Pipes for high precision molds

Available manufacturing range

  Drawn pipes Special pipes
Outer diameter φ5 - φ50 φ3 - φ60
Wall thickness 0.50 mm - 1.50 mm 0.10 mm - 5.00 mm
Length 5.000 mm or less  
Dimensional accuracy
  Drawn tubes Special pipes
Outer diameter tolerance ±0.05 mm ±0.02 mm
Inner diameter tolerance ±0.05 mm ±0.02 mm
Drawn pipe straightness (after roll corrections) (pipe center deflection value: 350 mm length)
φ10 - φ20 φ21 - φ40 φ41 - φ50
Center deflection 0.04 mm or less Center deflection 0.06 mm or less Center deflection 0.10 mm or less

Talk to us

Special pipes
• Steel grades: Stainless steel is the primary material we handle. However, please feel free to contact us for needs related to other steels, including special steels and titanium.
• Don't hesitate to contact us for needs involving welded stainless steel pipes, seamless stainless steel pipes, etc.

• Talk to us if you need flanges.