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Product Information

Kitchen equipment is a vital part of the kitchen service industry (called professional kitchens to distinguish them from household kitchens). Takasago molded stainless steel products are widely used in professional kitchens.

Angles Draining boards
Angles Draining boards

Special features

Corners are rounded to eliminate hazards and present a comforting feel.

Surfaces are cold treated for a beautiful finish.

Edges are rounded for safety.


Kitchens Sinks, worktops, gas ranges, cupboards, etc.
Construction equipment Dairy, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and food machinery; cooling and freezing equipment; showcases; fences; window lattices; greenhouses; carports, etc.

Available manufacturing range

Angle steel

Dimensional tolerances
Classification Tolerance
Side (A) or (B) ±1.5 mm
Angle of adjacent flat portion ±1.5°
Length +40 -0 mm
Bend 0.3% or less of total length
Thickness of flat portion (t) 2.0 mm ±0.17 mm
3.0 mm ±0.35 mm
Steel grades
Steel grade Type
SUS430 Ferrite type
SUS304 Austenite type
Type 1 and Type 2 classifications

Angle steels are classified Type 1 and Type 2 based on the curvature radius of the angle.

  Curvature radius of angle (outer R)
Type 1 2.0t
Type 2 1.2t

When ordering

In order to provide you with the product that best matches your needs, please bear the following in mind when you contact us:

A. Material, surface finish, dimensional tolerances, etc.
B. Weight
C. Intended use and usage environment
D. Processing conditions when product will be used
E. Other special considerations

Calculation of weight
Weight per piece (kg) Unit weight (kg/m) x length (m) Rounded to three significant digits
Total weight (kg) Weight per piece (kg) x total number at same dimension Rounded to kg integer value

*Note: Rounding should abide by JIS Z 8401 Guide to the rounding of numbers.