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Corporate Information

Corporate philosophy

Basic philosophy

With steel positioned as our core business, the Takasago Group seeks to contribute to its customers and to society by creating and delivering high value.
From out start as a manufacturer of cold rolled steep strips and rolled stainless steel, across the wide range of industrial fields in which these products play a central role, we seek to contribute to society by creating unique products, technologies, and services that precisely meet the needs of our customers in Japan and abroad.

Management philosophy

  • We strive to create products, technologies, and services that strengthen the development capacity of our customers.
  • We strive to achieve a clear sense of self-awareness as a member of the international community; to maintain strong corporate ethics in compliance with domestic and foreign laws; and to work to fulfill our corporate responsibility.
  • All of our employees pursue their duties with a passion and tenacity second to none, working as one to build a strong corporate culture.


Kenji Yamada / Representative Director and President
Kenji Yamada
Representative Director and President

Representative Director and President Kenji Yamada
Directors Minoru Shiroishi Assistant to President
Tatsuhiro Yokotani
Responsible for Quality Assurance and Manufacturing,
General Manager of Corporate Planning Dept .
Katsuhito Matsui Responsible for General Affairs, Accounting,
Sales and Nagoya branch,
General Manager of Procurement Dept.
Directors, Audit Committee members Yasumasa Hashido  
Kiyoshi Shintani
(Part time)
Yoshihiro Nakamura (Part time)
Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Corporation