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Product Information

Given high rigidity by advanced heat treatment, stainless steel hard plates will resist warping even after repeated use. They're used in the manufacture of multilayer printed circuit boards.

Intermediate plate Jig plate
Intermediate plate Jig plate


Special features

Two types are available (high strength and high thermal expansion) depending on the intended use.

Minimal warping even when cooled and heated repeatedly.

Thicknesses of up to 10 mm available.

Uniform material with no grain.

Resists deterioration under maintenance polishing.

Standard specifications

Item Thickness 1 mm Thickness 1.5 mm Thickness 8 mm
Thickness +0.1, -0.1 +0.1, -0.1 +0.5, -0
Width +0.5, -0.5 +0.5, -0.5 +0.5, -0.5
Length +0.5, -0.5 +0.5, -0.5 +0.5, -0.5
Flatness 0.03 or less 0.03 or less 0.03 or less
Warping 0.5 or less 0.5 or less 0.2 or less
Difference between diagonal lines 1 or less 1 or less 1 or less
Pin hole diameter +0.1, -0 +0.1, -0 +0.015, -0.010
Pin hole interval +0.03, -0.03 +0.03, -0.03 +0.03, -0.03
Chamfer Light chamfering Light chamfering 0.5C
Corner 2R 2R 2R
Hardness (HRC) 46 or more 46 or more 46 or more

Surface finishing

Finish RZJIS (μm) ten-point average roughness
#600 buff
1 - 2
Up to 1
Up to 1

Available manufacturing range

Type High strength High thermal expansion
Steel grade SUS420J2 TPP 16 TPP 18 TPP SH
Hardness (HRC) 46 or more 46 or more 46 or more 49 or more
Thermal expansion coefficient (1/°C) 11 x 10-6 15 x 10-6 17 x 10-6 15 x 10-6
Thermal conductivity (Kcal/mh°C) 21 14 14 14
Thickness, mm 5 - 10 1 - 2.0 1 - 2.0 1 - 2.0
Width, mm 680 or less 1,100 or less 1,100 or less 1,100 or less
Length, mm 720 or less 1,500 or less 1,500 or less 1,500 or less

Special features

A leading multilayer plate manufacturer
Takasago's original flattening heat treatment furnace makes the most of these superb features.

Intermediate plates
Good shape

High quality (shape and thickness) plates are given further flattening heat treatment to produce this unrivaled geometry.

Minimal warping after long use

The plates have already been treated at higher temperatures than normal use and are highly resistant to warping, even after repeated use.

Scratch resistant hardness

Heat treatment achieves hardness of HRC460 (HV460) or more. We've also developed TPP-SH (super hard) with a hardness of HRC 49 (HV 500).

Manufacturer Takasago Company A Company B Company C
Steel grade TPP16
TPP-SH T301 T630 T301 PH steel 2 phase steel T301
Hardness (HV) 460< 500< 330< 430< 300< 430< 380< 400<

We offer products for applications sensitive to thermal expansion.
Product TPP16 TPP18 420J2
Thermal expansion coefficient (1/°C) 15 x 10-6 17 x 10-6 11 x 10-6

*The figures given above are not guaranteed values.

TPP18 features the same thermal expansion coefficient as copper foil and is widely used to prevent wrinkling and tearing in copper foils.

Jig plates
Deformation resistant jig plates

SUS420J2 is tempered and quenched to produce high strength jig plates.

Superior wear resistance

Wear resistance of HRC46 (HV460) or greater.

Exceptional dimensional accuracy

We use a special jig borer to enable dimensional control in the 10 μ range for hole size and hole pitch.

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