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Cold rolled steel products

Cold rolled steel strips / Cold rolled special steel strips

As Japan's only manufacturer of thick cold rolled steel strips, we provide a wide variety of products, small lot production, and short lead times, and respond to customer requests with thoughtful, meticulous service.

Devised from technologies built up over years, our high quality product lineup meets the needs and toughest quality requirements of numerous industries.

Special features

Supplying dependable quality in the materials our customers need

We make full use of our cold rolling equipment to deliver the materials you need, applying different design by product and ensuring rigorous quality management to achieve quality you can depend on.

Rich product lineup

We offer products in various steel grades and finishing materials, ranging from thin materials (0.25 mm) to thick materials (8.0 mm).

Small lot production and short lead times

We deliver in small lots (starting at 1 ton) with flexible and short lead times.

Thoughtful, meticulous service

From selecting the materials best suited to your needs to helping you resolve technical challenges when using these materials, our technical service departments deliver the thoughtful, meticulous technical service.

Examples of processing/applications

  • Safety buckles
  • Bearing metal
  • Needle bearings
  • Clutch parts
  • Brake parts
  • Automatic transmission parts

Automobile automatic
transmission parts

Bearing parts

Automobile functional

Automobile seat
recliner parts

Automobile parts Clutch parts, automatic transmission parts, safety buckles, brake parts, gasket parts

Telecommunications equipment and precision parts

Relays, stepping motors, connectors, lead frames, precision gears
Industrial machinery parts Clutch plates, agricultural equipment parts, railway rolling stock parts
Various finished products Sewing machines, vending machines
Motorcycle parts Chains, gears, sprockets
Springs Springs, washers
Bearings Bearing metal, needle bearings